Instance – Flood

Should there be a flood, What you shall do is turn it to steam. Then, you must harvest it, rid it of its poisons, and drink it well going forward.

Instance – Anachronist Dream

This morning, I awoke from a light slumber, having had a dream that felt as real as you and I; more significant than anything one could learn at school or hear at church - more consequential than any spoken or unspoken laws in the book.I tell this story through the voice and eyes of the …

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Instance – The Other Shoe

As he fell from a great distance, he waited for the other shoe to drop - just like the movie, Holes, which he loved to watch when he was younger. And it did, except this was not a children’s book nor movie. This was his life - And the shoe was metaphorical, but it dropped …

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Instance – 7 days in a week

Doesn’t it feel as though, every seven days, time resets, in a way? One might even feel a similar jolt of energy at the start of each day - as we are granted the ability to re-create one’s self after a good night’s rest -Though the nights, not countless -Because - By its nature, a …

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Concussion RefleXIons: Day II Pt. I

[Written 2/15; 12:22]: I'm on a bit of a clock at this time - I have just showered to prepare myself for a massage, for which I must leave in about an hour. While I showered, I thought of my restless sleep and various unsettling dreams from last night. There was one in particular which …

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Concussion RefleXIons: Day 1

And then, a few hours later, when reality set, I realized: That's exactly what got me into this mess - my inability to separately my work from the rest of my life. And my need to attribute my worth based on the opinions of a few colleagues to whom I willingly give my humanity in exchange for positive vibes.

Instance – Instance

We are Dynamic. Every minute we remember To breathe, We are living. We are Changing. From one instance To the next, Time is passing. Amassing, To all the moments We felt alive - Simply to feel it once more -Just one more time. If only it could be real. But it is not Because it …

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Instance – Today, I Awoke

Today, I awoke with a bad taste in my mouth. Not literally, but figuratively - as my dreams showed me a quick peek inside how life could be were I to choose a path which is characteristically unlike me. I question quite often what the nature of these glimpses might be - why do they …

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Instance – Ave-Nué

“Grounded. Gentle. Patient.” What meaning do these words hold to you?______________________________________ Despite some who may roll their eyes back to the depths in their heads, against the very words they have just read - I’ll admit, more often than I’d like - I am none of these things at times. And yet, consistently, I remain …

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Instance – December 22nd

On this very day, something unimaginable happened. I found myself thinking a thought I never thought possible. It was a morning like any other. As I washed myself clean of the day prior to start another, my mind wandered. It wandered to the future and to the past. It wandered to think of my loved …

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