Ahka Rhash tells stories through raw, unfiltered, creative expression – she is not a master of the arts nor of poetry, but hopes to covey meaningful messages through self-reflection.

This blog features some of the stories which will be published in Ahka Rhash’s upcoming book.*

*Along with other journaling or blog posts from spontaneous ideas.


Instance – Flood

Should there be a flood,
What you shall do
is turn it to steam.

Then, you must harvest it,
rid it of its poisons,
and drink it well
going forward.

Instance – Body

They tell me that: I have no curves, and my breasts are too flat. My belly’s too full, and my arms are too fat. That I am not thin, yet my body lacks substance. I don’t fit into the style they’re accustomed. This poem is meant to empower women and …

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