About Ahka Rhash

Thank you for visiting Ahka Rhash’s blog.

I greatly appreciate the valuable time you pay to explore my pages – and it is my hope that the time will be well-spent.

The posts you see on the site are parts of a collection of “Instances,” crafted during spontaneous effusions of creativity.

Each one is accompanied by one of my artworks, created in the same manner (including the good and the objectively bad)

Every piece you will find is purely experimental. They are “in-the-moment” creations – unfiltered and unedited. I do not believe that there is such a thing as a mistake or imperfection – and it is my impression that each flaw, if present, is meant to teach a lesson.

Some of these and other Instances will be combined to form an anthological book to be published at a later time.

This book will maintain each flaw you may see (aside from any glaring errors). Because, I believe that each stroke we make – whether of a brush, or a pen, or a key – is intentional.

I invite you to take a look around the site and share your comments, if you’d like.

The Instances may be read in any order.