Instance – Today, I Awoke

Today, I awoke with a bad taste in my mouth.

Not literally, but figuratively – as my dreams showed me a quick peek inside how life could be were I to choose a path which is characteristically unlike me.

I question quite often what the nature of these glimpses might be – why do they expose the best or worst versions of my self in a world so similar and yet far too distant from the one I know?

At times, the experiences seem so authentic, that I feel I may have another life in my dreams – one in which I am uninhibited, and I am completely free.

When I live in these moments: every opportunity, I take, and every moment, I seize – in ways my waking self could never dream to dream.

There, in this other world, I seem to always do as I please, with no regard for consequences. That is, until in my awaking state, I start to become aware of what those practical concerns might be.

And though at times, I may seem relieved to wake up and find that it was all a dream, I awoke today with the wonder of whether I would feel a greater sense of relief to stay behind, and not be bound by the laws of our time.


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