Instance – Body

They tell me that: I have no curves, and my breasts are too flat. My belly’s too full, and my arms are too fat. That I am not thin, yet my body lacks substance. I don’t fit into the style they’re accustomed. Watercolor Marker This poem is meant to empower women and convey that beauty …

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Blue, Yellow, and a Stroke of Red – For Ukraine

Sad, little red stain 
So isolated it remains. 
What a pity, 
The hole it dug itself. 
The irony that the power 
they wish to consume, 
would be what leads 
To Russia’s lonely doom.

Instance – The Darkness

I feel as though the dark of the night lay cast his shadow over me. And as the daylight fades, I can sense the wind of the tide from miles away.And as it takes me with it, slowly and gently - I can feel the force of the sun fading with it. The further apart …

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Instance – Silence of the Night

There is something magicIn the silence of the night. It falls on us Even if we reject it,And we cannot avoid it.Nor can we move fast enoughIn our attempts to outrunThe weight of existenceIn a world where a light blue skyCan change to darknessIn a few minutes’ timeAnd show us the loneliness Which accompanies the …

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Instance – Ave-Nué

“Grounded. Gentle. Patient.” What meaning do these words hold to you?______________________________________ Despite some who may roll their eyes back to the depths in their heads, against the very words they have just read - I’ll admit, more often than I’d like - I am none of these things at times. And yet, consistently, I remain …

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Instance – The Melody

Today, I write to you a bit more somber than expected. I gave the feeling as many thoughts as I could give it, and I have arrived at a conclusion:  It seems I am afraid of what could come of the unexpected. For, our lives are run with expectations. We expect to be at peace, …

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