Blue, Yellow, and a Stroke of Red – For Ukraine

A proud Blue and Yellow
A stroke of Red in the middle.

The Red is for blood,
For the behemoth –
Attempting to alter
the border between them.

But for the others –
History, country;
Family, identity –
Combining to show us
culture behind their colors.

It was thought that all the red
might muddy the waters.
But with great surprise,
only two came together –
Abstracting new pigments
from nature’s green rapture.

Sad, little red stain
So isolated it remains.
What a pity,
The hole it dug itself.

The irony of power
they wish to consume,
would be what leads
To Russia’s lonely doom.

Where there is irony,
There is always beauty:
in the troubles of others –
Unraveled colors
United back together.

I initially envisioned this painting to symbolize the Ukrainian flag’s colors bleeding together to form the third harmonious color (green), despite the blue and yellow standing alone just as beautifully.

I had a thought to myself that should everything go as expected, Ukraine could consider adding a stripe of green in the middle of their flag to symbolize the two sides standing together.

The red is the blood being spilt, which stands to divide their borders, and hence, the two colors from the other.

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