Instance – The Darkness

I feel as though the dark of the night lay cast his shadow over me. 
And as the daylight fades, I can sense the wind of the tide from miles away.
And as it takes me with it, slowly and gently -
I can feel the force of the sun fading with it.
The further apart we separate, the more I become drawn to its gravity.

The Darkness takes away our right to have light in it.
And in this darkness, we once spent too much of our lives.
It was cold, it was dark, and it was devoid of love.
And we could not get by on the time alone.
So the great ones proceeded to add another dimension -
One which might help us pass the time through it.

This dimension would be called sleeping.
There, you may often be confronted by the darkness.
Whether through nightmares of demons,
Or shows of realism, where life changes direction in a split second.
But through this form, one has the luxury to wake up, or tell oneself:
"This is all a dream."

"So, each day, we mark with the rising of the sun,
And each day henceforth shall be prescribed these standard units by which we shall measure time.
For there is no other way to fight the Darkness but the act of sleeping through it."

But there is a way to fight it, I say.
When they thought up these universal rules, they had not been where we are today.
They did not live in the information age,
Where a single word can make its way across the globe at the speed of light.
They did not have the means to share their knowledge with the world at this rate.

But if they did, what would they say?
How would we organize to reclaim all hours of our days?
They say, "you must first dream, to battle the demons of the darkness."
So, here we would start our adventure:
"They, who will see, must first dream the imagined."

And one might ask: What is to “dream the imagined?”
I can only guess that it is a dream imagined, of reality.
To dream a thing that is so real, that it is imaginary.
To dream that you are alive in your world - only to realize:
"This is all a dream."

Then, you are jolted awake --
Watercolor Marker Pen on Paper

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