Instance – Artist, “Time”

The starting point – a perfect reflection

To be:
– borne of but simple drops, only to be shaped by the artist’s direction of choosing.
– burdened by the knowing that our mirror image holds depths of wisdom we seem to be losing.
– resting our fate in the hands of a rogue artist carrying the instruments of our dooming.

It is Time, this Artist, who steers our lives into something worth losing.

What was once a mirror image: shaped by the whims of an artist

6 thoughts on “Instance – Artist, “Time”

      1. I am absolutely flattered to have inspired you and that is quite literally the only thing I set out to do when I created the site, so I appreciate the sentiment more than you know!
        And I would love to see your works if you’d like to share then with me once you post ☺️

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