Instance – Circling the Drain

Circling the drain,
I’m wide awake
In my sleep.

I feel the love of pain,
In our words,
As we speak.

I feel it building now,
This urge we cannot tame.

I hear her speaking now,
“The love we never made

In our hearts
To forget
The truth
We never gave

To the parts
We regret
And hold onto
The same

It’s never leaving us,
The wounds we couldn’t change.

Rather than healing them,
We let them fall to waste.

All the times
When we said
We were fine,
But not okay

And every step we made,
We cast the memories away.

Deeper and deeper now,
We buried it away.

Feel myself sinking now,
This drain cannot contain

My shame.

You should be happy now.
I’m tangled in my chains.

Tell me,
Do you feel better now
Wreaking havoc to my brain?

Tell me,
Did it help ease your pain
While mine made me insane?

I should be happy now,
But I can’t.
I’m afraid.

*I’ve also created a melody which accompanies this quite beautifully, but I will spare everyone my tone deafness (not meant in a political sense of course).

Acrylic on Canvas

** I painted this within 30 minutes of writing the poem / song – definitely not my best work but it felt as if they had to be done one after the other.

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